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History of Sam’s Glass

Customers continue to express their pleasure and satisfaction with Sam’s Glass & Mirror Inc. of Boston through numerous and glowing testimonials, demonstrating the company’s unwavering commitment to the best glass repair, installation and fabrication services in the local glass industry.

Sam’s Glass & Mirror Inc. of Boston takes pride in the work they do, exhibiting the care and strong attention to detail needed to continually reap some of the highest rates of customer satisfaction in the Boston area. Located in the same shop since 1983, Sam’s Glass & Mirror Inc. of Boston takes each new project seriously, and commits both their time and energy to quality work and fast completion of every task and every order. Their exceptional glasswork has earned their team countless accolades and amazing testimonials from a large base of loyal and satisfied clients, establishing them as one of the best in both the community and the city of Boston.

Sam’s Glass & Mirror Inc. of Boston exhibits a consistent reliability not found in many of the box-store type glass companies, and takes on every new project with earnestness and enthusiasm. The professionals at Sam’s Glass & Mirror Inc. of Boston take the time to effectively address each customer’s questions and concerns, and to work with each individual to provide the best quality service possible.

Sam’s Glass & Mirror Inc. of Boston is owned and operated by an by an experienced & personable team, someone who places a genuine value on every client’s glass needs and who strives to cultivate strong professional relationships and customer loyalty. He provides every customer with access to high-quality and affordable glass repair, fabrication and installation.

Many glass companies pay lip service to good work, yet very few actually commit themselves to the care and work needed to get the job done right on time and without hesitation. Sam’s Glass & Mirror Inc. of Boston professionals don’t just speak about the value of hard work, they deliver, ensuring your project is taken on with enthusiasm and diligence every time.

Sam’s Glass & Mirror Inc. of Boston has been a staple of the South End business community for over three decades, and has built a reputation for their unwavering dedication to good work and glass service excellence. They take your glass needs seriously, and commit themselves to the timely completion of your glass repair, fabrication and/or installation project. Their focus is to resolve your glass-related issues as soon as possible, and have proven to be one of the most skilled and reliable glass companies in the Boston area.

The professionals at Sam’s Glass & Mirror Inc. of Boston are certainly no strangers to good work, and are ready, willing and able to commit themselves to the fulfillment of your glass and/or mirror needs.

Sam is a Glass & Glass Products Dealers, performs Glass Replacement & Repair, Installs/installers of Shower Doors & Enclosures, Glass Store Fronts, Window Repair & Replacement.

Glass Facts of Curiosity

Contrary to popular belief, glass Is NOT A liquid; It Is an amorphous solid. Do you know what glass was made out of long ago?  It’s the same ingredients that glass is made out of TODAY: It’s fundamentally SAND with seven other components, namely:

  • SODA ASH.. acts as a flux joining the other elements.
  • LIMESTONE… is one and the same as seashells.
  • CULLET… is recycled glass.
  • ROUGE… gives glass it’s green tint.

At production molten glass is heated to 2900 degrees fahrenheit over molten tin in a furnace that is 160 feet long. When glass cracks the crack travels at a speed of three thousand miles an hour; to record this event a camera must shoot at a millionth of a second.

Glass takes one million years to decompose; aside from this it never wears out and can be recycled forever.

The first glass factory in AMERICA was built by DUTCH settlers At JAMESTOWN, VIRGINIA in 1608 (it was not successful). The first fully automated glass bottle-making machine was used in TOLEDO,OHIO in 1903.

Can you guess what the oldest item in your house might be? Here’s a hint: you probably used it at dinner and it can be found in your refrigerator. It’s the bottles, jars, & cups. Glass has been used and reused for hundreds, even thousands of years. Over three thousand years ago, the egyptians (who are the present-day COPTIC CHRISTIANS) began making and using glass for all kinds of items from jewelry to drinking cups.

The most effective glass for soundproofing purposes is LAMINATED glass (which is what a windshield is). However, better yet is LEXAN, a glass-like material that performs even greater. LEXAN is an exceedingly tough resin substance and is SIXTY(!) times stronger than glass.

In BOSTON’S HANCOCK TOWER there are 10,344 lites of tempered glass (tempered glass is five times stronger than non-tempered).  Each lite measures 48 x 132 inches and the combined weight is 758 ton or 1,516,000 pounds (the take-off weight of a fully loaded 747 jet is 650 ton)!

KING CHARLES VI of FRANCE (1368-1422) had recurrant hallucinations that he was made of glass and had to carry pieces of iron In his clothing as a protective shield for his body so that he would not break! This condition came to be known as GLASS DELUSION.